API Proxy Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Our RESTful API is 100% open. You don't need a special key or anything, just make HTTP calls to the end-points listed below. The base URL for the API is http://api.dropproxy.com/.

Varnish Software

Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Cache, a widely trusted open source web accelerator, significantly enhancing web performance for businesses online. We power major sites across all industry types—for businesses such as Nikon, Transport for London and Vimeo as well as more than 1.8 million websites worldwide. Varnish Plus is our commercial suite, offering products for scalability, customization, monitoring and expert support services.

Azure Relay

The Azure Relay service facilitates hybrid applications by enabling you to securely expose services that reside within a corporate enterprise network to the public cloud, without having to open a firewall connection, or require intrusive changes to a corporate network infrastructure. Relay supports a variety of different transport protocols and web services standards.

Charles Proxy

Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information).


The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform. Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP(s) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Use it to debug traffic from virtually any application that supports a proxy like IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and more.


An interactive console program that allows traffic flows to be intercepted, inspected, modified and replayed.


Vulcand is a reverse proxy for HTTP API management and microservices. It is inspired by Hystrix. It uses Etcd as a configuration backend, so changes to configuration take effect immediately without restarting the service.


The one-click proxy that shows you everything.  View HTTP request-response exchanges between your web or mobile app and any REST API in real-time.  Wiretap is like a browser's Network Tab, but for Web and Mobile Apps. Server-to-ServerPrinting HTTP request and responses data to console is a thing of the past with Wiretap. Every single server-side programming language works with Wiretap. Mobile-to-ServerDo your iOS or Android apps talk to web APIs? Use Wiretap to avoid facepalming, setting break points, and stepping through the debugger just to figure out how a web API is responding. Webhook-to-ServerCreate a Wiretap connected to your server for Webhooks and see exactly what they're sending you. Retry requests with a single click, no more reproducing steps on a 3rd party service. Tunnel-to-LocalhostWiretap your development servers behind a firewall with tunneling. The simple desktop application makes setting up a Wiretap to localhost as easy as to a public host.


Building Apps that depend on APIs speeds up development and helps make software all-round more awesome. However, tracking and managing traffic flows to these APIs, reacting if they slow down or fail, dealing with version changes and the like can add massive overhead to development and operations.


StopLight provides engineering teams with a new way to document, test, and build web APIs. Our technology easily and automatically maps an API, and then provides tooling and services to reduce development time, and increase reliability and accessibility.

If you think there is an organization I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.